The Program's Unique Features Include:

  • Face-to-face instructions by experienced Lincoln University professors from the United States
  • Curriculum designed by Lincoln University-USA
  • Degress are awarded by Lincoln University-USA
  • Programs are fully accredited both in the USA & Ethiopia

I. Required Core Courses *

MBA 301 Managerial Economics 3
MBA 304 Marketing Management 3
MBA 306 Business Research Methodology 3
MBA 307 Operations Management 3
MBA 320 Organization Behavior and Administration 3
MBA 340 Managerial Accounting & Financial Control 3
MBA 380 Business Strategy & Decision-Making 3
Total MBA Core Courses ............................................. 21

 * One or two of these courses may be substituted by the academic dean for a cohort group pursuing a specific concentration.

II. Elective Courses:

Four MBA courses selected from the concentration areas listed below will be added to the seven core courses enumerated above. This brings the total credit hours for MBA course work to 33 and the number of courses to 11.


MBA 302 Principles of Management
MBA 303 Finance Managementt
MBA 315 International Business and Investment Strategy
MBA 308 Human Resource Managementt
MBA 309 Ethics of Business Management
MBA 310 International Economics
MBA 313 International Marketing
MBA 314 International Finance
MBA 317 Political and Legal Aspects of International Business
MBA 318 Import- Export Management
MBA 324 Leadership Development
MBA 321 Communications in Leadership and Negotiations
MBA 316 International Management


III. MBA Concentrations

Students should choose a concentration to complete the requirements for the MBA degree. The University offers five concentrations:

  1. International Business;
  2. Finance Management and Investment Banking;
  3. General Business
  4. Human Resources Management: and
  5. Management.